About Baiana Room

A place full of color and life joy

As far as I can remember, jewelry has been part of my life.

I never leave my home without jewelry, because without jewelry a journey is unfulfilled. Early on, jewelry became everpresent in my professional journey. During my time at the Lucerne jewelry house, Pompidou, my fondness grew into a passion that I now have transformed into a business of my own with the Baiana Room.

At Pompidou I gained experience as a buyer for international trade fairs and was able to live out my creative streak by planning the shop windows. I then consolidated my knowledge of the world of jewelry during three years at the renowned Lucerne boutique Ammann.

I also have a cultural and historical interest in jewelry – on two one-year trips around the world I got to know and love other cultures through the lens of their jewelry traditions. It was during these trips around the world that I started dreaming of my own fashion jewelry agency.

I lived in Bahia, Brazil for several months – a place full of color and life joy. I took this wonderful experience back to Switzerland, as inspiration, where I founded my agency in 2018: Baiana Room.

With Baiana Room I bring designers and boutiques together and help them exchange ideas
and wishes constructively.

Baiana Room represents a selection of high quality brands in Switzerland and situates them in the right place at the right time. Baiana Room enriches sales platforms throughout Switzerland with beautiful goods. Personal advice and the long-term satisfaction of all my contacts are of the highest value to me.


Baiana Room