2020 marked a vivid change to work as we knew it. Suddenly work was purely online, jumping between Zoom calls and emails, rather than face-to-face office life. We found ourselves oscillating between daggy night PJs and our less daggy day PJs, and knew it was time to up our game again. We wanted to be comfortable at home, yet chic for work.

We also felt, as women, we so often find ourselves running around after others and spending a lot (ok – most?) of our time as carers, with little to no ‘me’ time. Why ist hat and why do we feel a bit guity when we do have ‘me’ time?

Hence Averie was born. Averie is all about treating yourself to a little slice of luxury and ‘me’ time, and feeling as amazing as you are with our silky pajamas & loungewear collection.

Averie focuses heavily on beautiful prints, inspired by our travels around the world. The majority of our pieces are made-to-order, so that we can avoid overproduction, and save Earth’s resources simultaneously, by only producing what is sold. Our pajamas typically have a wait time of 6-8 weeks for our customers’ to receive their pieces, that are made just for them.

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