Elizabeth Cole Jewelry was born from a love of beautiful things and an appreciation for the inherent power of jewelry to make you look and feel your very best. From a young age, the two founders of the brand heard stories from their mother of the darling dresses that their Granny had made for her and her aunt. While the mother always lamented the fact that she didn’t inherit Granny’s sewing skills– and while Granny’s sewing skills didn’t seem to skip a generation and land on the sisters, her fashion sense and creativity certainly found a new home in her youngest grandchild, Stephanie.

Stephanie started creating jewelry after a trip to the local bead store enabled her to create a fun pair of earrings for a very reasonable price. Throughout high school and college, Stephanie tinkered, repurposed, played and explored with vintage jewelry, frequented the local craft and bead stores and found joy in creating beautiful things that she and her friends (and sister of course) could wear.
When Stephanie found herself back in Southern California after graduating college, she landed a job at a boutique Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty PR Firm promoting an array of beautiful products. However, the firm’s client roster was missing a jewelry brand. Therefore, when the editors and stylists Stephanie met with requested the jewelry line that she herself was wearing, she said “No problem, we can get you some more of this jewelry”. So in that year (2004-2005), Stephanie found herself sending jewelry to celebrities such as Faith Hill, Paula Abdul, Alicia Keys and Drew Barrymore. And when Joss Stone wore a collection of Stephanie’s necklaces for her performance at the Grammy’s in 2005, it seemed that perhaps designing and selling jewelry might be the better career path than promoting other designers’ products. And so, Elizabeth Cole was born in May 2005.
Together with her sister, the namegiving Elizabeth Cole, Stephanie continues the legacy of making fun, flirtatious, empowering jewelry available to women around the world.
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