LOETMA is the story of a link, of a complicity between LAUra and her MAman who unite their creativity and energy to design jewels with a bohemian chic style in the air of time. The link is also the original clasp of LOETMA creations: a discreet but powerful magnet that allows you to adorn yourself and change your look in a snap.

LOETMA officially began in 2015 when mother and daughter decided to imagine and create costume jewelry with a brand that resembles them. Their inspiration comes from their common style: the trends of the moment, cradled by the warmth of the South of France, the lightness of summer, the colors and the joy of living in Marseille. This melting pot of influences takes shape in collections of jewelry with a bohemian chic style.

Jean-Pierre, the father of the family, an entrepreneur at heart, was immediately seduced by the design of the jewels and found the concept clever. He decided to develop the brand and a little later created the first collection with rock accents dedicated to men, and collaborated with the two women in his life to make LOETMA a success. The trio, daring and creative, animated by the family spirit, designs, produces and begins to market the brand.

La complicité qui unit la famille, et leur ambition commune, font écho au lien aimant, unique aux bijoux LOETMA, qui permet à chaque bracelet et collier de la marque de se mettre et de s’enlever rapidement et facilement sans compromettre l’élégance ni la qualité. LOETMA, ce sont les accessoires que l’on continue de porter encore et encore car ils sont faciles à vivre ! En un clic aimanté , les bijoux se changent pour jouer avec les styles et les envies. Raffinées et délicates, les créations LOETMA vous accompagneront longtemps et sublimeront vos tenues qu’elles soient chic ou décontractées.

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