Our showroom

Welcome to our jewelry paradise in Lucerne. In the Baiana Room and Pink Sand showroom, we invite you to experience the latest trends at first hand and be surprised and inspired by our extensive selection. Here you can get a feel for the style and quality of our jewelry, discover new items and classics from various brands and find personal favorites that you can use to take your range to the next level.

From jewelry enthusiasts for jewelry enthusiasts: We support you in how to present the jewelry in your store and help you find the perfect pieces for your clientele.

Nos salons maison

Twice a year, our showroom is transformed into a spectacular
spectacular in-house fair. Each time a new theme, each time an
unforgettable experience.

Discover how we create a new world with each theme, inviting you to discover, marvel and fall in love. A visit is particularly worthwhile. 

Baiana Room