P.S. Love

Pascale Birchmeier, who made my customers and me dream with "Pink Sand", presents a new jewelry brand with "P.S. Love". Every single piece of the first collection is an "Everyday Essential" - a perfect companion for everyday life. Whether I wear the jewelry in the kitchen while cooking, during a workout at the gym or even on special occasions - "P.S. Love" fits every occasion and every place.

PS Love Details Dez.2311089

The collection focuses on sparkling glass stones (Czech glass by Ralton) elegantly framed by silver and gold. “P.S. Love” introduces 18 different models, available in 20 color variations. The vibrant and multi-faceted colors of the glass stones speak for themselves and add a special touch to any piece of jewelry.

“P.S. Love” – jewelry that I can always wear.

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